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Public Notice AMENDED
DISTRICT COURT, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, STATE OF COLORADO CASE NO: 2016CV31078 DIVISION: 8 Plaintiff: THE VALLEY AT RAINBOW RIDGE ASSOCIATION INC, a Colorado nonprofit corporation v. Defendants: CAROLYN FLOREY; CREDIT UNION OF DENVER; AND MARGARET T. CHAPMAN as the Jefferson County Public Trustee COMBINED NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE AND RIGHT TO CURE OR REDEEM This is to advise you that a Sheriff sale proceeding has been commenced through the office of the undersigned Sheriff pursuant to a Court Order and Decree dated April 25, 2017, and C.R.S. §§ 38-38-101 to 401, by THE VALLEY AT RAINBOW RIDGE ASSOCIATION, INC., the current holder of a lien recorded with the County of Jefferson Clerk and Recorder on April 11, 2014, at Reception No. 2014027238. The judicial foreclosure is based on a default under the Protective Covenants for the Valley at Rainbow Ridge recorded with the County Jefferson Clerk and Recorder on May 30, 1989, at Reception No. 89045550 (“Covenants”). The Covenants and notices as recorded, establish a lien for the benefit of THE VALLEY AT RAINBOW RIDGE ASSOCIATION, INC. - THE LIEN BEING FORECLOSED MAY NOT BE A FIRST LIEN ON THE SUBJECT PROPERTY AND IMPROVEMENTS – against the property legally described as follows: Lot 33, Block 4, The Valley at Rainbow Ridge, Together with that portion of the West ½ of vacated Union Circle adjoining Lot 33 on the East, County of Jefferson, State of Colorado. Also known by street and number as: 12033 West 56th Circle, Arvada, CO 80002 You may have an interest in the real property being foreclosed, or have certain rights or suffer certain liabilities or loss of your interest in the subject property as a result of said foreclosure. You may have the right to redeem the real property or you may have the right to cure a default under the instrument being foreclosed. The lien being foreclosed may not be a first lien. In this regard, you may desire and are advised to consult with your own private attorney. Further, you are advised that the parties liable thereon, the owner of the property described above, or those with an interest in the subject property, may take appropriate and timely action under Colorado statutes, certain sections of which are attached hereto. In order to be entitled to take advantage of any rights provided for under Colorado law, you must strictly comply and adhere to the provisions of the law. Further, you are advised that the attached Colorado statutes merely set forth the applicable portions of Colorado statutory law relating to curative and redemption rights; therefore, you should read and review all the applicable statutes and laws in order to determine the requisite procedures and provisions which control your rights in the subject property. The Sheriff’s sale has been scheduled to occur at 10:00 a.m. with an amended sale date on February 15, 2018, at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 1520, Golden, CO 80419, (303) 271-6580. At the sale, the Sheriff will sell the real property described above, and the improvements thereon, to the highest bidder. Plaintiff makes no warranty relating to title, possession, or quiet enjoyment in and to said real property in connection with this sale. IF THE SALE DATE IS CONTINUED TO A LATER DATE, THE DEADLINE TO FILE A NOTICE OF INTENT TO CURE BY THOSE PARTIES ENTITLED TO CURE MAY ALSO BE EXTENDED All telephone inquiries for information should be directed to the office of the undersigned Sheriff at (303) 271-6580. The name, address and telephone number of the attorney representing the legal owner of the above described lien is: Joan Olson #28078, Moeller Graf, P.C., 385 Inverness Parkway, Ste. 200, Englewood, CO 80112, telephone (720) 279-2568. Jeff Shrader Jefferson County Sheriff County of Jefferson, State of Colorado Dated this 2 Day of November, 2017 By: Tim Swartz, Sergeant Legal Notice No.: 49897 First Publication: December 28, 2017 Last Publication: January 25, 2018 Published in: The Golden Transcript
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PostedDecember 27, 2017

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